Universal Transaction Token

Decentralizing Social Media.

Whose community is it anyway?

While current social media platforms are great in many ways for many users, their business practises are not always fair. The services are offered to us free, but most of us don’t even realize that we pay for using them by letting the platforms to take ownership of our identities and behaviours and sell it to whomever they please.

On the other hand, as content creators, brands or businesses, we invest lot of time and effort to build our communities, but then we have to pay to the platform to reach them.

So, whose community is it then?

We build decentralized social apps

Web3 and decentralization offers amazing opportunities for people and businesses to take ownership of their identities, networks and communities.

We have created the Universal Transaction Token to bring transparency and trust to all kinds of social interactions.

We have also carefully thought out the business mechanics of decentralized social media, so often overlooked by many projects. After all, running the infrastructure, developing software and offering user services is not free.

We aim to build a set of decentralized social apps that people will love to use and thus create a compelling ecosystem for other developers and businesses to join.

UNITT Messenger

Our first application, the UNITT Messenger works same way to any other popular messenger apps in the market, except that you can see the value of every transaction. We have separated the ads or sponsored messages and show very transparently how much tokens you can earn by watching them. You can also use UNITTs to pay for your subscriptions allowing bloggers, journalists, musicians and other content creators to earn every time someone consumes their content.

UNITT Ecosystem

There are three core elements in the UNITT ecosystem: a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), API layer for any developer to build applications, and the UNITT utility token that is exchanged in all transactions.

The UNITT team has won the NGI ONTOCHAIN Program Grant to develop a digital content marketplace that enables creators to distribute and monetize their creations in a trustworthy and transparent manner.

The CREATE project aims to build a decentralized content marketplace for content creators, communicators, and marketers to reach their audiences, individual citizens and consumers in the future, next generation internet.

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Meet the Team

Currently, we are a self-funded early-stage startup with a team of four experienced professionals, experimenting with this technology and its social implications. Message us for collaboration, employment, and funding opportunities!

Pekka Mäkelä

Pekka Mäkelä

Chief Executive Officer, founder

entrepreneur, community builder, technology enthusiast

Jussi K. Mäkelä

Jussi K. Mäkelä

Chief Operating Officer, co-founder

strategic program director, trainer, global industry association builder

Mikko Ville Valjento

Mikko Ville Valjento

Chief Technology Officer, co-founder

senior full-stack developer, usability designer, solution consultant

Jussi P. Mäkelä

Jussi P. Mäkelä

Chief Product Officer, co-founder

senior UX/UI designer, graphic designer, frontend developer